World Class Solutions to the Most Complex BusinessSalesTechnology Challenges

Hands-on consulting and advisory services for wealth management and financial technology leaders.

Accelerating Growth Through Technology & Process Transformation

At the Oasis Group, we believe that every business hits a growth plateau and needs to rethink their processes and technology.

Our team of seasoned professionals approaches the most complex challenges from new directions, using innovation and experience to restart growth. Our financial services and technology clients achieve incredible results, through our consulting, advisory, training and thought leadership solutions.

Who We Serve

Wealth Management Leaders

Increase market share, open new lines of business, and better position your firm and services to attract the right prospects with consulting and coaching from our wealth management experts.

Technology Leaders

Target new markets, expand key accounts, pursue bigger opportunities and stand out in a crowded, complex landscape with expert consulting and advisory services from our team of professionals.

Ways to Engage

Your organization’s needs and challenges are unique. So is our approach to guiding your growth journey. Our four flexible engagement options are designed to help you make the most out of our partnership.

Consulting Services

Our comphrehensive project based consulting services provide full project lifecycle solutions for our clients from requirements definition, vendor selection, contract negotiation, implementation leadership, and transitioning to your team.

Advisory Services

Retainer-based advisory services provide wealth management leaders with sales, practice management, and process solutions. Our technology clients can retain us for product management, market penetration, sales, and competitive analysis advice.


Wealth managers and technology leaders want practice management, sales, and technology insights that are relevant to their business today and help to position them to leapfrog their competition. Our speaking engagements move your practice and firm forward.

Advisory Board

Our CEO, John O’Connell, is a sought-after advisory board member who brings decades of sales and technology experience to your firm’s Advisory Board or Board of Directors, helping to guide product road mapping, business strategy, and technology implementations.

Our Services

Whether you want to differentiate your value proposition, make more informed decisions about the right technology and processes for your business, or stay one step ahead in a competitive, ever-changing industry, we offer a suite of services designed to help you reach your goals.

Product and Services Strategy

Knowing how to differentiate what you offer from your competition is critical. We help firms understand their client demographics, messaging resonance, and how to grow and diversify their client base. We also help you make productive decisions on future measures through competitor analysis and product road mapping.

Market Penetration Approach

Wealth management marketing in the US is highly fragmented, with 14 different market segments. The Canadian model has an entirely different regulatory model. Understanding these market segments and how your Fintech product fits is critical to your market penetration strategy.

Sales Approach

We identify your unique value proposition, determine your direct sales strategy and develop product pricing and discounting recommendations, as well as establish distribution channels, create qualifying questions and objection handling strategies, and empower you with a proven sales process.

Client Lifecycle and Key Transitions

We work with you to optimize your critical client lifecycle processes, including lead to prospect, prospect to proposal, proposal to client onboarding, and client onboarding to client service, as well as the ongoing client experience.

Transformation Program Execution

We assist with technology evaluation, selection, and implementation, and help you understand the possibilities of your data, including how to leverage it for growth. We also work with you on cybersecurity planning and implementation.

Insights from Oasis Group

Access our latest resources and media hits, including interviews with founder John O’Connell, recent news, client success stories, and original content created by the Oasis Group team.


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