Coming May 2023

Technology Selection Field Guide

Creating a solid foundation with successful products to run your daily operations is critical before implementing additional technologies. This course will help you create a technology roadmap and implement additional technologies for specialized planning, tax planning, calendar management, and additional fee billing.

Sales Leader Field Guide

Successful sales organizations recognize that sales requires day-to-day execution to drive extraordinary results. This 8-week course covers all aspects of the sales process from lead generation, deal prosecution, negotiation, closing the deal, and effective forecasting.

Wealth Management Market

This course is designed for team members or organizations new to the wealth management marketplace. It covers 14 different segments and provides an overview of the marketplace from wirehouses, custodians, broker-dealers, TAMPs, RIAs, and every market segment in between.

CTO Field Guide

Today’s financial services Chief Technology Officer and their leaders face a dizzying array of technology options. This course provides the tools and techniques to excel by covering topics including budgeting, technology selection, negotiation, and more.

Wealth Client Journey

This course reviews the client journey for a wealth management client starting with the lead, prospective client, proposal process, client onboarding, and ongoing client service processes.