About Tim O’Connell

Tim is a retired NYPD Sergeant with a wealth of leadership experience in the information security and cyber security community. 

After working in the computer industry for several years, Tim joined the NYPD with the desire to leverage his keen interest in computers and technology with criminal investigations.  After his promotion to Sergeant, Tim was transferred to the Special Investigations Division and assigned to the prestigious Computer Crimes Squad.  He was the Commanding Officer of the Computer Crimes Squad Forensic Lab, supervising all computer and device forensic investigations for the entire city.  He was tasked with a wide breadth of cybercrime investigations, ranging from identity theft and hacking to human trafficking and child exploitation.

Eventually, Tim moved on to the famed Special Victims Division, becoming the Commanding Officer of the Staten Island Squad.  Here, Tim was able to further his investigative skills by supervising some of the most delicate and challenging work in policing. 

After retirement, Tim continued his quest to help others by leveraging his extensive experience as a cybersecurity consultant.  He is the proud father of four and lives with his wife in Gold Canyon, AZ.