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Ransomware Group BlackCat/ALPHV Weaponizes SEC Disclosure Rules

The digital era has brought with it an increase in cyber threats that target businesses of all sizes. As a response to this growing problem, the SEC introduced new regulations that compel companies to publicly disclose their breaches within specific deadlines.

How to Store, Secure, and Use Your Data For a Competitive Edge

For two decades, T3 has been the go-to destination for financial services professionals, financial planners, and investment advisors across the country. This year, John O'Connell, CEO of The Oasis Group, was honored to celebrate T3's 20th anniversary on the main stage with T3 President, Joel Bruckenstein.In case you missed it, John's talk took a deep...

New Paper on Liability Management Shows Financial Advisors How to Optimize Client Wealth

Industry thought leaders at T3 and Oasis Group partner with Sora Finance, paving the way for financial advisors as they navigate today's complex liability landscape for HNW and UHNW clients SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 6, 2023 -- Sora Finance, an easy-to-use decision-support software that helps wealth managers and financial advisors visualize, analyze, and act to optimize the...

Unlocking Success: Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Technologies for your Wealth Management Firm

Wealth management firms are grappling with an increasing demand for transparency, personalization, and efficiency. To navigate these demands, they rely on a robust set of technology solutions, more commonly referred to as their technology stack.

The Dangers of Disparate Data: Leveraging Technology to Consolidate Sensitive Information, Maintain Compliance and Better Protect Your Firm

Why do so many RIAs have compliance data stored in different places? From HR to planning software to client documents on shared drives, disparate data can be perilous from both a cybersecurity and a compliance standpoint. As cyber threats evolve along with regulations regarding cybersecurity policies, RIAs need to take action to maintain compliance and better...