How to Work with the Oasis Group

Ways to Engage with Our Team of Experts

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are delivered as projects to our clients. Our typical engagement model consists of a Solution Assessment Project and a Solution Implementation Project. We are confident in our project estimates and can offer our Solution Assessment Projects at a fixed price and scope.

Solution Assessment

During this phase, we review our customer’s requirements, goals, current state, and desired future state. This project’s deliverable is an assessment, design, and roadmap to move our customers to their future state. Our assessments and designs are always achievable, because we offer to implement our design with you.

Solution Implementation

Next, we implement the future state design using the roadmap we develop in the Solution Assessment. Our capacity in this project involves leading implementation efforts, managing various vendors, and providing your executive team with weekly progress updates.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide our customers with guidance, advice, and support to achieve their revenue, practice management, process, and technology goals. We engage on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Our services page has examples of the advice that we can provide. Our training page has examples of our process solutions, such as the wealth management client lifecycle. Our insights page provides samples of our thought leadership and case studies of our projects.


John O’Connell, our CEO, is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, including Wealth Stack, T3, AdvisorEngine, TradePMR, and Sustainability 2100. John’s speaking engagements can be customized to address your firm’s specific challenges and provide actionable insights that are relevant to your firm’s business today.

Advisory Board

John is a sought-after industry expert who brings decades of sales and technology experience to your firm’s Advisory Board or Board of Directors. John’s experience as an Advisory Board member and as a leader reporting and presenting directly to the Board of Directors gives him a unique perspective that offers valuable insights to your Board.

John frequently advises on technology and product direction, business strategy, and revenue and sales direction.