Behind the Headlines: Exploring the Latest Cybersecurity Challenges in Wealth Management

Are you prepared for the evolving threats facing the wealth management industry? In this insightful webinar led by John O'Connell, CEO & Founder of Oasis, and Steven J. Ryder, Chief Strategy Officer of Visory as they delve into the most pressing cybersecurity challenges impacting your business.

Navigating the Digital Minefield: A Guide for Financial Advisors on TikTok and Temu

In an era where digital convenience intersects with unparalleled risks, financial advisors and wealth managers are tasked with safeguarding more than just financial assets; the protection of personal and client data stands paramount. Amidst this backdrop, two applications, TikTok and Temu, emerge as subjects of increasing concern over privacy practices. 

John O’Connell Shares How Advisors Can Create Innovative Service Offerings in Action! Magazine

Join The Oasis Group and Syntax for a captivating fireside chat about the rising trend of direct indexing. This innovative approach to portfolio management is shaking up the industry, and this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

The Blue Vault Bowman Alts Summit 2024: Retail Investors and The Rise of Alternative Investments

John O'Connell's session at the 2024 The Blue Vault Bowman Alts Summit discussed the rise of alternative investments among younger investors and main street millionaires. He also explored the findings in Blue Vault’s newly released Alts & Tech white paper and revealed the revolutionary solutions available to wealth advisors today for researching, processing, managing, and...

John O’Connell Published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi: Start Your Year with A Technology Assessment

The Oasis Group CEO John O’Connell wrote this bylined article that was published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi, where he discusses how to perform a technology assessment and evaluate your tech stack, detailing the main reasons to do so: aligning your tech stack with your growth strategy, ensuring protection through contract terms and performance through...

Ransomware Group BlackCat/ALPHV Weaponizes SEC Disclosure Rules

The digital era has brought with it an increase in cyber threats that target businesses of all sizes. As a response to this growing problem, the SEC introduced new regulations that compel companies to publicly disclose their breaches within specific deadlines.

In the Suite Podcast With John O’Connell: Tech Transformation and Business Growth

In this not-to-be-missed episode, recorded live from Schwab IMPACT, John O’Connell and Tina Powell delve deep into how he’s navigated the tech world and transformed himself from a Programmer to an entrepreneur masterfully leading a company to its first IPO. Hear more about his journey to becoming the CEO and Founder of The Oasis Group,...