Myriad Advisor Solutions Announces New Podcast to Help Small Business Owners Excel

Myriad Advisor Solutions Announces New Podcast to Help Small Business Owners Excel

Plus Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship certificate, South Africa conference and other news

WAUKEE, IowaJuly 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad), a long-established, full-service business advisory firm, today announced that they are launching a new podcast titled The White Report. Hosted by Myriad’s own Chief Executive officer, Danielle White (White), The White Report provides actionable steps and advice to small business owners at every stage of a company’s launch and growth. Each episode features a different business expert who will discuss with White pertinent topics that touch on executive leadership, business management, human capital, technology, marketing and more.

The podcast launched with five interviews recorded live at the T3 Technology Tools for Today conference held in March 2023. The five episodes bring to life conversations White had with:

  • Diana Cabrices, Diana Cabrices Consulting
  • John O’Connell, The Oasis Group
  • Georgette Regan, Financial Fitness Group
  • Michael Lecours, fpPathfinder
  • Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes, Equita Financial Network

To listen and subscribe to The White Report:

“I am very excited to launch this podcast, and am committed to providing enhanced knowledge, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs in an easily digestible format. The conversations are geared to help anyone launching, growing, or exiting their businesses,” White said. “Myriad was built on the premise of making entrepreneurs as successful as possible – no matter the stage of their business. That’s been our firm’s mission since its inception and will continue to be far into the future.”


White has also just received the Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Iowa. This 12-week intensive is a master’s course in business focusing on financial statements, negotiations, and marketing. White intends to utilize everything she has learned to grow not only her own firm’s effectiveness and power base, but also as another way to help advise and grow the many small business that come to Myriad for counsel and guidance. White has always believed that education and self-empowerment are the cornerstones of success.

“I firmly believe that if one does not continue to learn, improve, and evolve, they are making a conscious decision to become stagnant and, as a result, they cannot provide quality, continuous value,” said White. “Each member of the Myriad team strives to continue learning, improving, and evolving. It is the only way to ensure our firm is putting its best foot forward not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well.”


White was also selected as the Accelerator Chairman of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Iowa, and as such, attended the EO 26th Annual Global Leadership Conference which was held in Cape Town, South Africa April 25-27, 2023. This year’s conference played host to over 1,200 attendees representing over 60 countries.

The conference brought successful entrepreneurs from around the world together in one place so that they could engage with their peers for the purpose of catapulting their success to the next level. During their time together, these leaders were encouraged and inspired by the passion of the collective, and learned from the programs and each other in ways that will help them to achieve greater success both in business and beyond. In short, the conference is designed to act as a catalyst for those present to grow together and push beyond all boundaries, in order to elevate the journey of entrepreneurship for everyone.

“I’m inspired by the people who embraced the power of human connection at the conference and continue to do so through organizations such as Entrepreneur Organization,” White explained. “Being a part of this group of entrepreneurs who exemplify such courage, hope and resilience –
and seeing them push beyond their comfort zone, expand their awareness, and lead with such purpose – motivates me even further to drive Myriad’s mission and vision for years to come.”


Established in 2009, this full-service business advisory and solutions firm has been dedicated to its mission of empowering small business owners to achieve their goals by alleviating the operational demands and challenges which growing businesses invariably face. While its focus has primarily been helping breakaway brokers go independent and independent financial advisors reach new levels of success, Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad) also works with other types of privately-held businesses on an individual needs-and-interests basis, providing these developing companies with all-encompassing business solutions, operational guidance, and technical support. The company has assisted in launching over 9,500 successful businesses with more than 3,200 locations established nationwide. As a part of that work, Myriad has configured and managed over 5,000 technology networks. It is the umbrella company for two subsidiary firms: Continuum (which deals with human resources, benefits, payroll, insurance, etc.) and Communications Experts (which specializes in providing services related to the telecommunications industry). CEO Danielle White has been employed by the company since its inception. Leigh White, who served as CEO and President, now works on product development and remains on the leadership team. To learn more, please visit

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