John O’Connell Published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi: A Guide for Using TikTok and Temu

The Oasis Group CEO John O’Connell wrote this bylined article that was published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi, providing a guide to using TikTok and Temu, two popular apps that are subjects of increasing concern over privacy practices. John details the privacy conundrum and data collection concerns, as well as the compounded risks for financial...

Navigating the Digital Minefield: A Guide for Financial Advisors on TikTok and Temu

In an era where digital convenience intersects with unparalleled risks, financial advisors and wealth managers are tasked with safeguarding more than just financial assets; the protection of personal and client data stands paramount. Amidst this backdrop, two applications, TikTok and Temu, emerge as subjects of increasing concern over privacy practices.