The Practical Applications of Data for Your RIA

The Practical Applications of Data for Your RIA

Are you ready to unlock the power of data for your RIA? First things first, let’s figure out what data you have access to and what data your firm actually owns.

Joel Bruckenstein, president of Technology Tools for Today, and John O’Connell, founder of The Oasis Group, joined TradePMR’s Rob Dilbone, Managing Director, to answer advisors’ questions on data, including:

  • How can advisors view their data more strategically?
  • What is the value of data in providing a better client experience?
  • How can data drive a higher valuation for your firm?

Data can be critical in facilitating your RIA’s growth, enhancing your client service, and improving your valuation. But what data specifically, and how can you use it? Joel and John look to answer these questions and more in their recent white paper and webinar.

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