Sustainability 2100 Keynote – ESG, Sustainability, and The Rise of The Activist Investor

Next generation investors globally witnessed an incredible amount of social change and social movements. These investors want traditional returns and, more importantly, to have their investments reflect their personal values. Join John as he explores the increase in ESG, thematic, sustainability, and socially responsible investing. All these new investment offerings are attempting to satisfy investors'...

Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng

John joins Marguerita Cheng on her podcast and video show, Margaritas with Marguerita. Rita asks John: What is an activist investor? What changes are coming together to cause a rise in activist investors? How is activist investing different from ESG or sustainable investing? What will be the effect of the Rise of The Activist...

Why Financial Advisors Should Focus on ESG, Thematic Investing, and Activist Investing

John shares his inspiration for writing his recent book, The Rise of The Activist Investor, and his goal of helping a younger demographic understand how to navigate the activist investor realm with the hosts of GetReal!, Meg Hannington and Genevieve E. Thayer. View the Podcast

ESG, ETFs, and Activist Investing

The topic of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a polarizing one. For every individual who advocates for it, there is another who rails against it. John O’Connell, the CEO of Oasis Group and author of the book “Rise of the Activist Investors,” falls into the first group. He believes that people who get...

ETFs, SRI, Direct Indexing and Rising Investor Activism

John discusses the societal forces and social movements that are causing the rise in ESG, SRI, Direct Indexing, and faith based investing. He outlines how the activist movements of the last decade influence investor goals and are leading towards the Rise of The Activist Investor. This was a presentation at Informa's Investment Fuse USA conference.