Unlocking Success: Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Technologies for your Wealth Management Firm

Wealth management firms are grappling with an increasing demand for transparency, personalization, and efficiency. To navigate these demands, they rely on a robust set of technology solutions, more commonly referred to as their technology stack.

John O’Connell Published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi: Where Does AI Fit in Your Firm’s Future?

The Oasis Group CEO John O’Connell wrote this bylined article that was published in Advisor Perspectives by VettaFi, where he provides a brief guide to various AI technologies available, their applications in wealth management, and how wealth management firms can define AI projects to achieve specific business outcomes.

The WealthStack Podcast by WealthManagement.com: The Future of Investing with John O’Connell

In this episode of The WealthStack Podcast by WealthManagement.com, Shannon Rosic speaks with John O’Connell on the future of investing, why advisors need to stay on top of AI trends, and more.

Next Best Action Technologies Make One-To-One Engagement Possible

Attention spans are short. Our lives take place online more than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted many of our daily activities from physical offices to the digital universe in jarring fashion. Many businesses saw this shift as a greater opportunity to connect with their clients.